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Luxury In The Heart Of Wilderness

On some days, we want to escape the busy city hustle!

In today’s busy city life everyone seeks time to get disconnected to go spend some time with nature. The first thought remains of freeing oneself from the noise and pollution and finding some place where one can calm their restless mind and anxious heart.

A Luxurious Tarangi Resort & spa offers a bunch of activities to get closer to the nature.

Established in 1936, Jim Corbett is India's first national park. It was first named the Hailey National Park after William Malcolm Hailey during the British Raj. Following India's independence, it was renamed Corbett National Park in honour of Jim Corbett, a naturalist, and hunter who was instrumental in its establishment.

Corbett National park

The park has a total area of 520.8 km2 and is made up of 73 percent forest land and 10% grassland. It experiences heavy rainfall between the months of July and September. Despite the fact that the nights are bitterly cold throughout the winter, the days are bright and sunny.

Sal, Haldu, Peepal, Rohini, and Mango trees grow in these deciduous forests. Animals such as spotted deer, lizards, elephants, tigers, Langurs, barking deer, Nilgai, Mongoose, and others can also be spotted during different hours of the day.

Living in harmony with Plants:

It is hard to find trees flora & fauna in cities we live in. Coming to the Corbett and experiencing the lush green expanse of plants makes one’s heart leap with joy and satisfaction. At Tarangi, we believe in the healing properties of medicinal herbs like Tiger grass, khus khus, and others. As a result, we make sure that everyone who stays at our Resort receives a Rudrasksh as they check out. It is used to treat sleeplessness, depression, bodily aches, headaches, heart disease, and other ailments.


But, hey, do you know what’s more exciting than Jim Corbette’s scenic beauties?

It’s the food our in-house professional chefs prepare 24*7 for the guests! From scrumptious Kumaon dishes such as Chainsoo and Dubaka to internationally acclaimed cuisines, every single platter is prepared with craft, patience, and love.

As soon as you dig into these flavours, you forget that you are staying in a resort, and will instead, find yourself, in a house, dining with the locals.

And what makes the dining experience complete is the live band tha t plays along with the gushing sound of water. It is one of the best experiences you would have in your lifetime. Imagine being with your loved ones bonding over delicious warm world-class food, sitting in the laps of nature, and enjoying live performances by the finest bands.

Distance from:

  • Dhikala Gate 9 Kms (10 minutes) | Durga Devi Gate 16 Kms (25 minutes)
  • Pant Nagar airport 75 km (approximately 1.5 hrs)
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport (New Delhi) 260 km (approximately 7 hrs)
  • Ram Nagar railway station 12 km (approximately 20 minutes)
  • Kashipur railway station 45 km (approximately 1 hrs)

Please note: Rush hour traffic can increase travel time significantly.