Sightseeings in Tarangi

Sightseeings in jim corbett

Sightseeings in Tarangi jim Corbett

Located at the banks of River Kosi, and surrounded by a web of lush green Sal trees, lies our beautiful honeypot, Tarangi. It is the go-to place to explore nature at its very best!

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Sightseeings in mussoorie

Sightseeings in Tarangi Mussoorie

Visit to Mussoorie is incomplete without going to the numerous local cafes that serve a wonderful view of the mountains along with a plate full of piping hot maggie.

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Sightseeings in waves marari

Sightseeings in Tarangi Waves Marari

If you are a beach person, you cannot not visit Marari. It is a beautiful beach located at the coast of Mararikulam village, in Alleppey district.

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