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We prioritize our guests and their needs. In order to provide such a tailored hospitality experience, we have Four categories of rooms, namely Deluxe room, mall road view, Doon valley view, Family Deluxe room. Designed with our esteemed guests in mind, we also have inter-connected family rooms ensuring that you don't have to stay apart even for a minute. Additionally, all rooms are furnished with modern facilities and amenities to provide a resplendent stay.

Deluxe room

Deluxe room
Rooms design, for those who prefer holidays as per there style

  • STARTING AT: ₹ 4,799 /NIGHT
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Mall Road View Room

Mall road view room
A glimpse to one of tourist attraction destination in mussoori.

  • STARTING AT: ₹ 5,499 /NIGHT
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Doon valley View Room

Doon valley view room
Room providing mesmerizing and spectacular views of doon valley

  • STARTING AT: ₹ 6,799 /NIGHT
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Family Deluxe Room

Family deluxe room
Spaces and larger luxurious room which can accommodate a family comfortably

  • STARTING AT: ₹ 8,599 /NIGHT
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