About Us

Story Behind tarangi Ramganga

Our story is 30 years old and is filled with so many memorable moments and milestones. It all started in 1970’s, when the two owners and their friend had visited this area solely for their passion for fishing. They found themselves coming back to the very same spot so often that the idea of owning a piece of property made so much sense and they ended up buying this large piece of land and continued to use it for feeding their fishing passion. Finally in 1990’s the decision to run a resort was taken.

The resort is comfortably snuggled in the Shivalik – foothills of the mighty Himalayas in Uttaranchal. To add beauty to the already breathtaking resort is the river Ramganga that flows right in front of it. The front boundary of the resort is of ramganga river and the rear boundary is the dense forest. Another unique feature of the resort is that the resort structure 100% linear and all rooms look into the river. Between the rooms and the river is a massive green lawn.

Tarangi Ramganga Resort is among the biggest resorts in the area in terms of size and the oldest resort in this area. There are approx. 3000 trees which house approx. 250 bird species at and around the resort. Organic fruits such as Mangoes, Guava, Litchi, Grapefruit, Wild Amla, and Jack fruits and also a few vegetables such as Chilies and Lemongrass, are grown at the resort and mostly is consumed by the wildlife primarily monkeys, sambhar, and wild boars. Some of the organic produce is also used for cooking food at the resort both for guests and employees as well as distributed among the locals. Guests are also welcome to go fruit picking at the resort and enjoy eating the fresh fruits as a part of the experience.

The property is merged with the locals in a way that 100% of the staff are recruited locally and the resort is very much accepted as a part of the local scenery. The owners have taken corporate social responsibility seriously from the very beginning and constructed the resort in a way that the structure is low and it all blends into the green background.