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Jungle Safaris
  • Jungle Safaris

One of the oldest tiger reserves in India is spread over ~1330 acres of forest areas. Jim Corbett National Park houses ~271 tigers (as of March 2021) several varieties of deers, monkeys, elephants, langoors, wild boars, snakes, monkeys, and many migratory birds visit the park during the summer months.

There are 6 zones for Jim Corbett Tiger Safari by jeep. The most visited and also the core zone of the jungle is the Dhikala zone where chances of spotting a tiger are more compared to other zones.

Fishing & Angling
  • Fishing & Angling

If fishing interests you, then Tarangi Ramganga Resort is just right for testing the King of the River – the Mahseer.

Our Resort is situated on the northern boundary of the famous Corbett National Park, right on the banks of River Ramganga which is famous all over the world for Mahseer and other fish. The biggest catches recorded at our fishing on Ramganga River in Corbett Resort are Mahseer of 76 lbs and Gooch of 112 lbs.

Sightseeing & Bird Watching
  • Sightseeing & Bird Watching

Jim Corbett is a true paradise for bird lovers. The Park is one of the most prominent bird habitats in India and is declared an ‘Important Bird Area (IBA)’ by Birdlife International, a global bird conservation organization.

Sightseeing can be easily planned with the numerous options available. Jim Corbett sightseeing is incomplete without a ride into the jungle. Rich flora and fauna + exotic birdlife welcome you at every step. There are over 500 species of birds here that are both migratory as well as residents of the park.

Natural River Crossing
  • Natural River Crossing

Magical call of the wild echoes at Tarangi Ramganga Resort. Our resort is practically situated in the forest on the flowing Ramganga River, with no local population around, which provides a unique chance to enjoy nature at its best.

he River crossing is a perfect activity for families, groups of friends, and even couples. As the name suggests this group adventure activity involves crossing the river with the help of the rope that is tied from one bank of the river to the other side. Kosi and Ramganga Riverbanks are popular for Natural river crossing.

*Not recommended without a professional guide.

River Rafting
  • River Rafting

Can you go river rafting in Jim Corbett?

Yes, river rafting is one of the most popular sports in Uttarakhand and in Jim Corbett, especially during the monsoon season, when rivers Kosi and Ramganga have a good flow of water, tourists in great numbers practice this sport and get the adrenaline rush.

Also referred to as the paradise for thrill-seekers, Jim Corbett acts as a perfect spot for river rafting. The best time for river rafting in Kosi river & Ramganga River is from July to September.

  • Trekking

The rich flora & fauna of Jim Corbett national park make this place a gorgeous backdrop for trekking, adventure, and fun. Jim Corbett offers numerous trekking options.

Tarangi Ramganga Resort is ideally situated in a bowl-shaped valley surrounded by thick forest making it a perfect place for taking mild or hard trekking trips. Depending on your choice, our expert guide can make it as hard or mild as you like.

  • Hiking

It’s hard to find a resort in a more excellent area than in Marchula – Jim Corbett for taking small Hiking trips. Hiking around the resort to the jungle is full of pleasure and adventure. A Hiking trip from our resort offers spectacular views from atop the hill and gets you close to nature.

Another beautiful option is to visit the Corbett waterfall, a 66ft high waterfall in Jim Corbett. This scenic waterfall is located ½ km from our resort. It’s a beautiful waterfall with an amazing trek inside and to reach the waterfall tourists are required to hike a little with a few steep stair climbs involved.