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Corbett Resort

Jim Corbett National Park – The Natural Habitat Feat. Tarangi Resort And Spa

As you all know, I am just not a morning lover while I am on the plains. But as soon as I step my foot in the mountain areas, my mornings instantly become pleasant and there are this chill and positive vibe all around. Something like this happened with me this time too (I reached Ramnagar at 4:30 AM in the morning, jeez!) and all my agonies faded away as the cold breeze hit my face and I was able to capture some of the most dramatic hair flips. When I reached tarangi resort, i was literally filled with awe and wonder when i saw the lush greenery all around. i have never seen a resort that kept their flora so intact and benign. the journey from the reception to my room was a spectacular affair as i kept my head rolling to see the tranquil property. on my way, i was so hoping for a minimal room with a spectacular view and was keeping my fingers crossed. to my surprise, god fulfilled my wishes at once (this is the first time in 21 years, lol) and i got the upgraded riverside room with the most picturesque view of the kosi river. i enjoyed viewing the kosi river and its waves crashing with the stones whilst sipping my morning tea. as far as my room was concerned, it was minimal and yet luxurious. the room had one super comfy double bed, one study corner, couch, cupboard with safety locker, tv, coffee maker, mini-fridge and daily use kits. in case you ask for more, you can give your eyes another treat by poring over the quaint interiors of the room. after resting a little bit, i geared up myself for exploring the property.

By Sayanti

19 June, 2018