Destination Wedding At Tarangi

Wedding in Jim Corbett

Destination Wedding At Tarangi

Share your love for your sweetheart in the most romantic and luxurious way possible: with a gorgeous natural backdrop at Tarangi Resort. Situated at the threshold of the wildlife sanctuary with the views of river Kosi and Sitabani forest, this recently refurbished resort boasts amazing wedding venues and a range of all-inclusive amenities.

Weddings at Tarangi Resort include:

  • Wedding packages with endless perks
  • Heart-pumping activities for you and your guests to enjoy
  • Gorgeous honeymoon suites
  • Diverse gourmet cuisine sure to have all of your favorite foods

And more!

You should receive nothing short of luxury treatment on the most important day of your life. Corbett destinations deliver exactly that, as well as gorgeous scenery and attentive service for your entire party.

Your Destination Wedding in Corbett should be cause for celebration, not stress; let the team at Tarangi provide the pampering you and your sweetheart deserve.

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