A Private And Intimate Property

Private Resort in Corbett

Tarangi Resort: A Private And Intimate Property

The Tarangi Resort is a private and intimate property sprawled over a huge area and is compositionally intended for luxury living and unwinding. The Tarangi Resort is one of the Luxury Resorts in Jim Corbett which is a perfect place for weekend rejuvenation away from the city life where the beautiful mountainous landscape soothes your weary eyes and the unanimous sounds of various birds calm your mind. The Tarangi Resort offers the finest culinary experience with their delectable delicacies comprising of local dishes as well as multi-cuisines to feast your taste buds..

The sprawling outdoor swimming pool, perfectly manicured garden and sit-out area near the ever-flowing River Kosi can be utilized to sit, relax and unwind in the purest of surroundings. So, take the opportunity of a long weekend and give yourself a treat of a truly luxurious experience amidst the fresh mountain air and the gentle sound of the river Kosi flowing by Tarangi Resort.

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